I am a Princess – Part Two

So in thinking more about how much of a dichotomy exists in the heart of my darling daughter, (see poem: I am a Princess), I realize how true that very dichotomy is for myself and many of the women I know.
We are strong independent women who long to be recognized for our outstanding achievements, particularly if they happen to rival those of our male counterparts, and yet we yearn to be swept away by our knight in shining armor like the princesses we know ourselves to be deep down.
We want to be accomplished in our sport and yet have fabulous hair after the game.
We want to drink the boys under the table and yet live without the beer belly (affectionately known as princess pooch among my friends).
We want to be able to watch our man’s favorite team with him, perhaps winning his heart through our mutual appreciation for touch downs and Hail Mary’s but we yearn to be thought of as the stunning, sexy, feminine head cheerleader he eyes on the sidelines when he thinks we are not looking.
We want to be able to rough it with our man in the woods with a great hairdo all weekend long even without our hairdryer and round brush. We yearn to naturally look like those drop-dead gorgeous Abercrombie models do out in the wild having fun. Yeah, sure they wake up looking like that.
We want to be admired for our brains, courage, and ingenuity and desired for our beauty, our glamour and our sex appeal.
We long to wake up slow to the sound of a babbling brook and spend our mornings lazing in the sun by a pool in a palace built for us. We long to spend our afternoons riding horses or painting, and our evenings dancing (in gowns so glamorous that they would make Vera Wang green with envy) with men so babe-alicious (strong, valiant, and of course hot) that we blush and the thought of them desiring US.
But that is not our lives.
In stead, we fight through our days. We fight through traffic, carpool, business meetings, diaper changes, and soccer games. And inside us something is not at rest.
Inside us something cries out, “I am a princess!”


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