Snapshot Sunday

A friend of mine has a fun blogging tradition in which every Thursday she does a Snapshot of her life. She asks herself the same 5 or 6 questions which allows her to journal and keep track of her life in an organized, logical fashion. This is so me. I love to blog in the traditional way – ramble about whatever is on my mind that day but I am a mom of 2 and I care for 3 more infants – sometimes there is just nothing on my mind at the end of the day!
So, I am going to ‘borrow’ her method and start my own Snapshot Sundays. Every Sunday I will do my best to answer the same set of questions in hopes of journaling a bit more often and keeping myself in check about a few other things. Like organizing my room. Ugh.

So, here it goes:

What’s at the top of my To-Do List?
1. Do a load of towels. We really need clean towels in the bathroom and the kitchen. It’s getting desperate. This is one of those chores I hate and love all at the same time. I love fresh towels folded just right but I have yet to come up with a good place to store them in our house. We use our hall closet as Tim’s closet because the one in our room is too small. There is a lot of storage in our bathroom but it seems like I will have to re-organize to make it work. We have lived here for three years and I still haven’t done anything about this.
2. Re-organize bathroom storage. (See above)
3. Finish Christmas Cards. I make my own so it takes me some time to finish them up and I absolutely hate doing them ahead of time. I just have this thing with making my cards during Advent and then mailing them in time for folks to receive them sometime in the Christmas octave (the 8 days of Christmas, it’s a catholic liturgical calendar thing.).
4. Finish putting the shrink-wrap stuff on the older windows on the east side of the house. They eventually need to be replaced but for this year we heard that the shrink-wrap window sealers really help. We’ll see.

What’s new with my kids?
1. The flu. Both my kids had a gross stomach bug over the weekend and thankfully they are over it now. I had it last week so I know how bad it was. I felt so bad for them when they were throwing up because they are only one and two. Poor little things.
2. Emma loves to pretend she is Mary (the Mother of Jesus). Tonight she was too cute because after her bath she put the towel on her head and walked around saying that she was Mary. She also went immediately to get her baby doll and then sat under the Christmas tree and held her ‘baby Jesus’. We had to take a picture.

3. Timmy loves his new room arrangement and is really starting to verbalize his wants. His newest thing is putting his finger to his chin and squinting and saying “Hmmm.” Too cute!
4. Emma moved to a toddler bed from her crib this weekend! She moved over on Saturday afternoon and she has been such a big girl. She stays in bed without any problems and really loves being so big that she can just get in and out. She also insisted on kneeling beside her bed to say her prayers before both naps and bedtime yesterday and today.

What have I accomplished?
1. Christmas decorations are almost completely up. Our tree is up and done. It is really one of my favorite things to do – decorate the house, that is. I love it so much and I honestly really love doing it alone. I know that sounds weird but it is cathartic. I just pray for my family and count my blessings while I decorate and work. I like to plan as I go and so it’s hard for anyone to help me because the creative juices are on a flow-as-we-go system. Anyways, someday we will have two trees. One can be my Martha Stewart style tree which is what we have now since our kids are so little they really haven’t stared making ornaments yet. When they do, we will have to start getting two trees. Anyway, that is something that has been started and pretty much finished in my house this week.

2. Emily’s roller shade on her huge bedroom window has been replaced.
3. Timmy’s room has been thoroughly cleaned and re-arranged.

What’s bugging me?
1. Money. Can’t really say more. I just hate money. I think that it is such a pain in my butt and I guess that is mostly because we never seem to have any of it. Ugh.
2. How gross my bathroom and bedroom are. I think those will have to be on the to-do list for Christmas break because I cannot do them alone and Tim really doesn’t have the time before that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What’s my latest obsession?
1. Pictures. I am trying to get to a point where I am done replacing my pictures in my portrait wall by Christmas so I can put all the frames back up before we have our party on the 30th. Anyways, so both picture-taking and picture-editing have been taking up a lot of my time.
2. Freecycle. There is this website where you can give away your stuff and receive stuff you might need or want … all for FREE. I love free. Anything free as long as it is quality is fine by me. We really have been blessed with some awesome things like Little Tikes backyard toys (climbing gym, cottage, etc.), a kitchen table and chairs, a dresser for Em’s room, and countless other awesome things. Our most recent ‘gift’ was our 7-foot pre-lit Christmas tree. It is beautiful and we are so grateful to the family who free-cycled it to us. Check it out at

What’s been making me happy?
1. Singing songs with Emma in her bed with her for a while at night before she goes to sleep. True confession, I used to crawl into her crib with her (she is 2) and we would snuggle. I am pretty small so we fit with room to spare. Sometimes Timmy was in there with us too but mostly it was just me and Em, Those are special memories that really make me happy. Now that she is in her toddler bed we will continue this snuggle time.
2. Advent preparations and prayers. I just love the weeks leading up to Christmas and all the wonderful liturgical traditions our Church has given us. I love the Advent wreath and the Advent calendar. I love the stories and songs. I just relish this time of year.
3. White lights. I have white lights all over my house and I just feel like my heart is being lit from within when I look at them. Hmmm. At least the little things are in place to make me happy!


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  1. Missy says:

    I LOVE IT!! It’s good to see you blogging again. It’s great to hear your interpretation of the “snapshot”! It really gives me a good glimpse of what is going on in your life. Isn’t it helpful when you don’t know what to say? I’m glad I checked on your blog!

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