Snapshot Sunday – a little late

What’s at the top of my To-Do list?
1. Finish writing my talk for ACTS retreat.
2. Workout (like most people, it is an ambitious new year’s resolution. The only thing is for me this is a continuation of a training regime I have been trying to stick to since the fall. I guess now is a good time to renew my commitment to training for the half marathon in April.)
3. Organize my 2006 calendar.
4. Finish cleaning/rearranging our bedroom.

What’s new with the kids?
1. Emma’s new thing is to tell folks that they are ‘hilarious’ and to ask if they are kidding her. “Are you kidding me Daddy?” It really is too cute!
2. We went to Our Lady of the Snows ‘way of lights’ last night and went inside to the children’s interactive village and puppet show. We discovered that Emily has absolutely no problems making new friends and making herself comfortable. Initially she went over to the floor pillows up front where all the little kids were sitting and she was chatting it up with some older kids. Then I think maybe realizing that these kids were older than she was she scoped out a younger girl (still a year or so older than her) and went and sat beside her and made fast friends. At one point while still waiting for the puppet show to start, she came over to me and wanted to leave to go play. When I pointed out that her new little friend had saved her a spot on the floor pillows, Em was quick to return to ‘Melissa’ and socialize until the show started. It is just so nice to see how your kids do ‘without you’. And to see Em as self-assured and outgoing as she was being last night made me feel great.
3. Timmy is finally recovering from the sickness and burns he got over Christmas. Poor little thing touched his hand to a fireplace glass door that was way too hot and got some pretty fierce burns on the finger pads of one of his hands. They blistered up quite a bit and then have finally drained and begun to heal. He really was miserable for a couple of days.

What have I accomplished?
1. Tim and I did a Clean Sweep of our basement! We really should have taken some before and after pictures. Half of our basement is finished with carpet and drywall, etc. That is where we have a spare bedroom, our kids’ playroom, and a family room type of set-up. (There is also a full bath on that side). The other half of the basement is unfinished in that there is only the concrete floor and walls. There are plenty of lights but no ceiling. We were using it all as storage and laundry room until last week. We finally took several days and went through our storage bins of which there were like 50. We cleaned them all out because to be honest with you, there really was no system – it was just a bunch of junk thrown into plastic bins over the past 5 years (and 2-3 moves, including one consolidation of households when we got married). Anyways, so we went through these bins and really purged. Then we were able to store some of the ‘keep forever’ stuff in the attic and some seasonal stuff under the stairs. This opened up the entire room so we could set up our ping-pong table and poker table and really make this side into the game room we have wanted for a long time. We also cleaned out the area by our laundry, which has a long table and a wall of shelves. Then we were able to make that my sewing/stamping area. We even put a TV in there so that I could have one for when I am holed up working on big projects. I am so excited!
2. We have also done a Clean Sweep of our bedroom. Unfortunately, our room has always been the dumping ground for the junk of the house. If we needed a place to throw something, it was our room. Combined with loads and loads of never-put-away laundry, our room slowly became a landfill. Well, this weekend we took it back. We ‘gutted’ the room and purged, purged, purged. Really the essential element behind getting rid of clutter is GETTING RID of the excess stuff! If you don’t love it or it doesn’t bring you joy, bless someone else with it.
3. Successfully surprising both my sisters-in-law with a baby shower. They are both due in Feb/Mar. They are also both teachers so it worked out well to do it over the holidays.
What’s Bugging Me?
1. People who say that they are anti-war but pro-abortion (a.k.a. pro-‘choice’). Apparently to them, the seemingly senseless killing of adult soldiers who sign up for tours of duty is more appalling than the mass genocide going on in our country everyday as more and more innocent babies are murdered without any opportunity to see the light of day. What about a baby’s choice? Don’t you think that the baby would choose to live, if given the choice?

What’s my latest obsession?
1. Laundry
2. Getting my treadmill
3. Getting pregnant. We really want another baby so I am taking my temps and really kind of obsessing over my charts. I guess my thought-life is where this obsession is most prevalent because I think about it all the time!
What is making me happy?
1. My very clean, very organized house.
2. My kids and my hubby and getting to spend so much time as a family over the holidays.
3. My laundry room. It is just so clean and organized and functional. I love to be in there. (I know, I am so nerdy)
4. All the ‘trying’ involved in making a baby. (Maybe TMI but, it’s true).


One thought on “Snapshot Sunday – a little late

  1. Missy says:

    Stacey, I love the new blog template! I always thought that pattern was cool. And congratulations on a clean and organized house. I hope to be closer to that goal some day. Having an organized, decluttered house is the greatest feeling!! Now that you’ve cleaned out the junk, you are ready to put in new life! The trying stages are exciting. I hope you can add to your “flower garden” very soon!!!!

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