Then Again….

You know, my somewhat weekly snapshots have this awesome component of a to-do list. I just am not sure that I ever am able to really stick to it. Sometimes I come up with other ideas, sometimes life just happens and gets in the way of me accomplishing those tasks.
This post titled “Then Again…” will be the musings I have mid-week after I have posted a to-do list and we’ll just see where things are at with those goals.

Well, this week the top thing on my to-do list was to finish planning the kids luau. I have been able to get some things for that done. I have made placecards for the kids, and figured out all the guests tee-shirt sizes (we are making tye-dye shirts). I have also begun the process of building our son’s gift. (We are making him a train table). I still have a ways to go on most everything else but we are getting there!!!

Clean my room: nope. haven’t touched it. Ugh.

Walk, walk, walk: Yes! I have gotten my exact mileage in each day this week. The caveat is that I have not gone to bed earlier to walk in the mornings outside. It snowed here last night so that is one of my lame-ass excuses. I have done every mile on my treadmill, AT NIGHT. Oh well, at least it is getting done. I will be so ready for this half marathon.

Frame and mat the portrait of the kids: Well, I couldn’t find a frame big enough with a 10X13 mat in it. I don’t want to spend a lot on this because there really isn’t the budget for it. Hmm. I did buy a nice black frame that I used and hung it. It will have to do for now.

IN ADDITION: We had a snow day today which meant Tim staying home from work. So, we decided to clean the basement. Remember how I mentioned that it was bugging me again? Yep, so we have remedied the problem and cleaned it up…again! Yay! Ooops, still no before and after shots for you but that is okay because blogger isn’t letting me post any pics right now.

Well, that is the world as we know it this lovely tuesday. And then again, who knows what will happen next.