Only in St. Louis

Here we are at the end of March and officially in the season of Spring. My children have gone for walks in shorts and tee-shirts. They have played outside for hours with no coats. And then, unexpectedly, on the 1st day of Spring we had a blustery visit from Old Man Winter. We awoke Tuesday morning to a blanket of the white fluffy stuff. Thank goodness we didn’t have to go anywhere in it.
The funny thing is that it is so ironic. My husband is a teacher and he is on Spring Break….and they had a ‘snow day’ on Tuesday which was not entirely useless because it kept him home from practice. He and the kids had loads of fun playing outside in the snow. Or “nose’ as my son calls it.

Anyways, the snow began to melt almost as quickly as it arrived. We are still holding onto chilly temperatures (especially for St. Louis at this time of year.) Hopefully Spring will show up soon!

One thought on “Only in St. Louis

  1. Missy says:

    Hey! Just thought I’d send you a comment. I’ve enjoyed seeing your blogs again. You’re on a roll! Three blogs in 6 days!! WooHoo! Question..are you walking your half marathon? (Sorry if that is totally a dumb question).And Timmy’s bday is my bday…go Timmy! “Two” feels like a long ways off for Mary, but 1 1/2 is just around the corner! How quickly they grow.Blogger is bugging me too, with the picture problem. See you Monday! Your house.

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