Ultimate Home MakeOver

I have always wanted a dollhouse.

Now that I have a daughter I am determined that she have a dollhouse. And not just any dollhouse. I want it to be dreamy, wonderfully decorated, a place where her imagination can blossom.

This is a beautiful wood Tudor 20 year-old dollhouse that someone gave us to give to our daughter Emily. We are planning on giving it to her for her 3rd birthday which is next saturday. I am having SO much fun “redecorating” this little dream house. I have to say, it is really becoming an obsession! Last night I had to force myself to go to bed and then, once horizantal I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about the house!
I am painting everything from the outside in beautiful Wedgewood Green with white trim and a Cranberry door, to the inside with a white base coat and then I will paint each room based on the furniture I buy for it. The bathroom will be ButterCup Yellow and Bashful Blue.
All of the wood trim inside the home will be dark chocolate.
All of the furniture will be the Fisher-Price Loving Family line. I love that it is a wood dollhouse but the plastic furniture and dolls make more sense since it will not be a decoration, it will be a TOY. It will be played with and I would like to be able to wash the furniture and dolls on occasion! The web address for this adorable furniture is:


I will continue to post pictures as we make progress. My husband said that this is really my element, getting to completely redecorate an entire home…on our budget!