The woman next to you..

There is a beautiful poem entitled “The Woman Next to You”

Here is a snippet of it:

“The woman next to you has problems and fears, wonders how she is doing and often doesn’t feel very good about it. Is often undecided and disorganized and painfully close to chaos, but endowed with a great toughness in the face of adversity, able to survive the most unbelievable difficulties and persecutions.”

I think in all our busy-ness it can be too easy to forget that the woman parked next to us at a stoplight, the woman taking too long in front of us in line at the store, the woman cutting our hair, the woman taking our change on a toll road, the woman answering the phone at the electric company, the woman walking her dog, the woman waiting for a bus….each of these women have a story. A story so unique to her and so intimate that to share just a piece of it would open up a cavernous abyss of emotion, understanding, and experience that would enrich our lives beyond our wildest hopes or imaginings.

How lucky would we be to get to know the women standing next to us?