Snapshot Saturday

Top of my To-Do List:
1. Clean off my desk.
2. Scrapbook to catch up from the past several months.
3. Finish an iMovie project I have been working on all week for my sister-in-law.
4. Find a babysitter for this coming thursday and saturday evenings. Ugh.

What have I accomplished?
1. Successfully cleaned up all of our camping stuff and as of yesterday actually had a very clean, very put-away house. Yeah! This kind of thing makes me feel so great. It also really helps me to tackle some of the ‘extra’ projects I would like to do.
2. Created 3 new recipes this week: An amazing new chili recipe that my husband raved about; a black bean salsa that earned two thumbs up from 3 out of 3 of ‘the guys’ last night; and a Crunchy Banana snack (banana slices rolled in rice krispies mixed with cinnamon sugar) that my kids raved about – which is saying a lot!
3. Oh, this is a big one! I finally figured out (with the help of my friend at overwhelmedwithjoy how to add a “blogroll” of my favorite blogs. You can click on her link and check out her amazing site!

What has been making me happy?
1. Having our own minivan back. We finally got it back last night after 3 weeks. It still has some interior cosmetic things that need to be fixed up but, it is home!!
2. Summer.

What has been bugging me?
1. The fact that since our camping trip at the end of June, our kids have had a horrible time getting to bed. They have not gone down well at all. I am seriously at the end of my patience with this whole bedtime fiasco! Timmy has been waking up at 1 or 2 and coming into our bed and not necessarily falling asleep right away which makes for awful sleep for me. Ugh. I pray this passes soon.

One thought on “Snapshot Saturday

  1. Missy says:

    Stacey, it’s been fun catching up on your summer blogging. I wish I had more time to comment on each blog, but I’ve enjoyed them. Especially the one about the crazy weekend where you locked yourself out of your house and the beauty that came from that. Your kids are beautiful and it was so nice to spend the time that we did camping. Blogs are hard to come by these days for me. I squeeze them in when I can. Peace, Girl…

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