Home Sweet Home

It has been a busy week on a number of fronts. I am getting ready to go on retreat next week from thursday to sunday and Tim will take over as SuperDad…which he does with excelllence in a manly-sort-of-way. The routines are usually thrown right out the window and the kids get to go to all sorts of events like highschool soccer and football games and eat a lot more fast food. So I am not stressed about leaving the clan without the mamabear. I am, however, stressed about all the things I need to get done for this retreat. I am leading music for the weekend and giving a talk and so there are a huge number of little things that I need to make sure I take care of before Wednesday.
So, true to form, rather than let all those little things bother me, I decided to go to therapy – er, I mean, Home Depot. I bought paint and spackle, and some other fun things and came home to tackle a project I had been dreaming about for a while: my son’s room. I spackled all the nail holes, painted 3 walls one color – a light sage green, and painted one wall a deep sea blue (only 3 coats!!) This kind of “getting creatively immersed in a lengthy project” was exactly what I needed to do to vent all my stress-energy. I painted until 2 in the morning thursday night and finished the room!!
We had “new-to-us” furniture delivered on Friday morning and had his whole room set up by about 2pm. (Once I find my camera battery charger, I will post some photos for you!!!)
We then had to also set up our daughter’s new furniture as well. But this entailed another shopping trip for new bedding. “To Target I will go, To Target I will go, I love their stuff ya know, To Target I will go!!!!” (sing it again to the tune of “Hi-Ho the Dairy-O”. So, we got cute-cute bedding for Em – even a canopy. Her room is currently deep purple but we are planning on painting. I wanted to wait until I found bedding i liked and coordinate the paint to the bedding. It really is much easier to do that way.
And finally, amidst all of this “Weekend-Warrior” redecorating, our computer died. Yes, died.
My sweet techie husband rescued her until there was enough life in her so as to save our data and all our family pics ever taken!! Then he promptly went out and bought a new computer…my new blogging home!! We LOVE it!!! It is a brand spanking new MacBook (we had an iBook before). It has a superdrive, and flipping amazing screen quality – way better than the old ibook. Also, cool features like built in video & still camera. I will take a picture of me blogging so you can see what I mean.
Really, it does bring me a certain amount of joy to have a nice, new, really working computer that I can work on. Both for personal and business things. (business for me=childcare and retreat stuff) Thank you Lord for the resources to be able to make this purchase. I can tell y’all right now that this season in my life is just another in which I thank God for my husband’s new job because at this time last year there is no way we would have been able to just go out and buy a new computer or bedding or whatever, without letting other things go unpaid. Now, it feels like SUCH a blessing to be able to buy the things we need (and some things we want) for our family. Oh, and also thanking God for the simple fact that Tim was off Thursday, Friday, Saturday – which in our old “life” NEVER happened! EVER. (he used to be a teacher,coach,departmentchair,campus minster at an all boys school – now he is a hotel manager). Thank you Jesus.

SO, that was our busy weekend and it doesn’t show signs of stopping! We have the parish carnival tonight with lots of games, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. Should be a great time.

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