Works for Me Wednesday

Making my own wreath.

This wreath was inspired by the grapevine wreath base I found at the dollar store about 2 weeks ago. I knew that I wanted to create something colorful and fun.
So I kept my eye out for cute flowers, accents, and the cat tails for the center really made it POP!
All of the supplies for this wreath came from either the dollar store or the fabric section at Walmart. (They were also under a dollar each).
For me, spending a lot of money on a wreath for each season just makes no sense when I enjoy creating one myself and I can do it for less than half the price!
It Works for Me!!!

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7 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday

  1. Barbara H. says:

    I’ve been thinking about this since I can’t find a ready-made one I like. How do you attach the things to the wreath? With wire?Barbara H. @ < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Stray Thoughts<>

  2. Nettie says:

    Beautiful! I’m going to post a link to this from my blog, if you don’t mind. If you don’t want me to, let me know and I’ll remove it!

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