Works for Me Wednesday

A simple trick to rid your home of any unwanted odors: a small bowl of vinegar!!!

With changing 5 little bottoms of diapers daily, my kitchen trash area can really begin to smell – even when I use my
ziploc trick. So, after reading this tip on a package of No Nonsense socks, I decided to give it a try…. it WORKS!!!!!

Now we have no foul odors in our home. I even keep a little bowl inside a cabinet in our bathroom and take it out after my husband has, well, you know.

All other air fresheners we have tried work for a while, then simply mask the odor – even Oust & Febreeze. This is much cheaper anyways and those sprays can be eliminated or saved for when you want to add a fragrance to the air, not just rid it of odors.

This REALLY works for me!


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