And home in time to iron his shirt…

1 hot cocoa from the Shell station…………….. $1.06

2 Easy Bake ovens and 4 board games……………..$32.68

Christmas pj’s and bikes for under the tree………$67.92

Walking out of the last store as the sun was rising………………………….


Well, folks, my “Black Friday” shopping excursion this morning was probably one of the single most exhilerating natural ‘highs’ of my life! Whew! It was incredible!!!

Y’all I just have to say that it all started a few days ago, when I returned from Vegas and began looking at ads on-line for the stores I wanted to visit today. Then yesterday morning brought a quick run to the market for a newspaper in order to get print copies of all those ads! While we sat after our YUMMY Christmas casserole with our tea, my dear one read the actual news and I read, with equal fervor I might add, the news of impending sales that were sure to knock my socks off!

Then later last night, after indulging in turkey, stuffing, and pie….we came home from the in-laws so I could go through the ads again and get my game plan set…here is the jist of it… organize what toys/gifts I would need to purchase and where they were offered at what price…then organize by what time each store opens and the store location….then organize by priority (heading to a store that had the corner on the market on a particular item).
So, here was my “list” (stapled to a few particular ads, and directions to a store I’d never been to before)…

I left my house at 4:25, stopped for a hot cocoa, and headed to a part of our city where I could hit all my stores with minimal time in the van in between. I pulled into Sears just one minute after they opened…I dodged the line, made a bee-line for what I needed and was checked out and back in my van by 10 minutes after 5!!!!

On to the next few stores with the same remarkable (if I do say so myself) efficiency and ease. I spent the money I had, got fantastic deals, and reveled in my still warm hot chocolate every time I got in the van.

Kudos to Toys R Us who had us lined up from the back of the store and snaking through the store to the checkout (to avoid the inevitable bottleneck at the front of the store)…and the line moved superfast!!!

So at 6:40 when I packed the last of my treasures into the van…here’s the end result.

I then made the call to my husband to let him to know to cancel the sitter we had booked because I was in fact going to be home in time for him to head to work, and his shocked reverence was just so worth it!!.

And in his words, he said..”I am so impressed by you. You should win some sort of wife and mother award. You should blog about this today and be sure to mention how you were home in time to iron your husband’s shirt!”

….now THAT is priceless!

7 thoughts on “And home in time to iron his shirt…

  1. Anonymous says:

    HI, I loved reading about your big day…don’t you just LOVE a bargain!!! 🙂I was out and about, but with all kiddos in tow….I was just out for the fun of seeing Christmas decorations in the Mall…it was nice to get out after just having a baby too 🙂Anyways, glad you enjoyed your day. I love to shop too and find a great deal. I did most of my shopping months ago, due to knowing I would have to take it easy after having a new little one.Just wanted to say HI and that I liked your list…super organized!Lizy

  2. Christine says:

    First of all, what a gem of a hubby! So sweet! And whew, I’m impressed too! Great job and it must feel like such a major accomplishment! Wow, that’s too many exclamation points, hunh?

  3. aggiejenn says:

    I am in awe of your shopping genius! 🙂 I DARE NOT venture out the day after Thanksgiving, but your post gave me confidence that it can be done without all the crazines…preparation is the key, huh?Good for you!!

  4. Barb says:

    It sounds to me like your husband’s praise and admiration is well earned. Wow. You did a great job. And you’r a lot braver than me. I was still in bed sound asleep at the same time you finished up this shopping trip!

  5. Overwhelmed! says:

    Wow, I am so impressed. I hate to admit, I haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping. I’ve done research, but I haven’t shopped yet. ((sigh)) I need to get my fanny in gear!Kudos to you!

  6. Wendy says:

    I love finding bargains like this! Great Job, glad you enjoyed your day. I just finished my shopping and it is a good feeling to be done and now be focusing on who this is really all about.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I loved the list you had; I loved reading about your day; and I loved that you got to finish everything you wanted to. =) Way to go Super Mom!!

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