A girl’s best friend

Well, let’s talk about diamond rings, shall we?
Yeah, I lost my wedding ring a couple months ago. It was horrible. I was so sad for so long.
And then, well, we got it replaced. And I cannot say that I am sad anymore. I have a bigger diamond now and a more “me” setting. I loved my old ring because of sentimental reasons, but Tim had never asked me what I wanted when we were dating and the ring he bought me wasn’t “me” in some ways – in particular how the diamond was mounted.
I had always wanted a cathedral setting – you know where the solitaire diamond is set real high. Well, originally, that is what he proposed with but then later that day I found out that my “proposal ring” was in place of my actual engagement ring that wasn’t ready yet (long story). So, when we went to pick up my actual ring, I was a little disappointed in the mounting. I can say that now after 5 years of marriage!
So, now after all these years, I have a mounting that I am in love with and a husband who is thrilled that I am happy with my ring. We both have taken a step back and realized that it is only a “thing” and it is not our marriage. But what a fun blessing to end up with a ring I wanted all along!