What’s a Mama to do?

Eeek, my two-year old sweetie really took me for surprise this morning when, after complaining that he was cold and having Mama offer him a fresh longsleeved shirt and some jeans, he humphed at me, stated that he was leaving his pj shirt ON (this mind you, has been the 3rd day he has had it on when he comes out in the mornings, and it could walk itself to school!) and that I was to BACK OFF! So Mama said, “excuse me?” and he retorts, “excuse me????” in perfect mocking imitation as if I had been the one to disrespect him! Ack!!! It was hilarious and cute all while being completely disrespectful, rude, and disobedient! What’s a Mama to do? I chortled and kind of tried to maintain some composure as I swiftly and very gently swatted his behind, and then promptly asked for an apology – “We just don’t talk to Mama that way.”

Now, he is dressed in his freshly-laundered warm clothes and is happy as a clam.

Mama knows best.

6 thoughts on “What’s a Mama to do?

  1. Barb says:

    You handled that little episode exactly the way I would have, Stacey. He’s cute as he can be but he does have to learn the limits.

    Cameron’s eighteen months old and going through a “slap people” stage. A swat on the behind stops it cold. He’s got to figure out it’s unacceptable.

    Still, it’s hard when what you really want to do is laugh because they’re just so stinkin’ cute.

    Mama DOES know best. 🙂

  2. Munchkin Land says:

    Awwww… sometimes we just can’t help laughing at the audacity of our little ones. It sounds like he and Devyn would get along famously. (The hardest part is not saying how cute they are when they’re disobeying!!)

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