Menu Plan Monday *updated

*** Updated to add a little background information :
I would plan an entire month’s menus (3 meals & 3 snacks each day) and I would do one HUGE shop and then each week we would pick up produce & dairy. (I would make all my own bread) we lived that way for YEARS when my husband was teaching highschool and money was super tight. That was out of, ummm, survival, or desperation to make ends meet.
When he changed careers last June and money was no longer a desperate situation, I got out of the habit. So, we have been spending a little more than we would like to in the area of groceries lately.
And since we have a goal of doing some things to our house in order to move into a new home sometime in the next two years, we want to reign in any out of control expenses so we can put that “extra” money toward the house….

SO, it’s a good time to start over. Everyday is a new day. Every week is a new week. And with Lent coming, it feels so good to get disciplined in this area.

I am also thinking about doing the 30 days of Nothing for the 40 days of Lent….have you heard of that? Here’s the link:


Well, in order to accomplish a few things, budget-wise, I really need to pull up my bootstraps in the area of menu-planning which inevitably saves us money on groceries. I have found that when I thoughtfully prepare a full week’s menu (all meals & snacks), I do an inventory of what I have and what I need and I wind up spending much less at the grocery store.
SO, my goal is to join Laura in posting my weekly menu plans. Hopefully in about a month we will really notice a difference in our bank account!

Monday: Chicken Ceasar Salad; Foccacia Bread
Tuesday: Taco Soup; Biscuits
Wednesday: Grilled Tilapia with fruit salsa; wild rice; Salad
Thursday: Chicken Parmesan with Egg noodles; Cheesey Garlic Bread
Friday: Baked Cod, Salad, Yummy Grean Beans
Saturday: Pizza night!
Sunday: (Eating at a wedding reception)

And if you are wondering why we don’t have a “leftovers” night, it is because my husband takes huge portions of leftovers for his lunches each day. And I sometimes eat them for lunch, too!!

What are you eating this week??

To see more weekly menus, check out Laura’s site!


13 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday *updated

  1. annie says:

    I love making taco soup! I haven’t made it in a few months! Maybe next week if I can find decent avocados around here! Looks like a tasty week!Hope your Monday is full of <>blessings<>!Annie

  2. Karen says:

    Stacey–this is something I’ve been working on for several months now, and it has made a big difference in several areas, two of which are: 1)saves money at the grocery store; and 2)makes it less stressful for me when I have a plan for the meals. I’ve also tried making 2 weeks’ worth of menus at a time to coincide with my husband’s paycheck (he gets paid twice a month). The week he gets paid, I make 2 weeks of menus and one huge grocery list. One thing to keep in mind here is fresh produce–I only buy for one week, and then make a small list for produce only for the following week. My thought on this is that the fewer the number of trips I make to the store, the less money I will spend. Does that make sense? Anyway, I think it helps for our budget–may not work for everyone. Your menu for the week looks yummy! I’m with everyone else–taco soup sounds wonderful! I’ll have to keep that in mind…..blessings to you this day!!

  3. Elise says:

    Sounds super – can we come over for dinner *every* night? 🙂Hey, I e-mailed you – are you getting your mail from me? Just curious!Love you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Um, yeah. I need to pull up my own bootstraps in this area of our groceries, and overspending. It’s something I *think* a lot about, but don’t DO much. (Other than buy and eat, I mean.) Great meal plan! ~Stacy

  5. Sissy B. says:

    Actually, it is those Weekly Menu posts that inspired me last month to start planning and saving money. We were spending $200 each month over our budget and if I didn’t want to go out and get a full-time job I had to think of something. It is amazing how much money you can save just by doing what you outlined in your post! On the 25th we are headed into our second month of doing is not a perfect system yet but we have managed to cut our food bill down ;)….yippee!

  6. Jenn says:

    I do the same thing, but more so becuase I love to be organized rather then saving money.Here is our list for this week:Fri: FajitasSat: ChiliSun: Chicken StirfryMon: Veggie PizzaTues:Fish and ChipsWed: StewThu: Soup and Grill Cheese

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