Spring Cleaning inside & out…

Hey y’all. Well, I have certainly been away from the regular frivolity of blogging for quite some time due to some of the circumstances in my life that are quite simply: beyond my control. While I haven’t been able to muster up anything at all to say, I have kept up on reading your blogs. It has been fun to focus on reading for a while and not worry about posting on my own blog since, I literally had NOTHING to say. (quite a rarity)

Thanks for all your prayers during this time for my friend, Angie. She is home recuperating and although still experiencing migraines, she is glad to be home with her family.

Thank you also for continuing to keep our family in your prayers for our possible adoption…still no word yet. SO in effort to keep my mind and body occupied while I wait anxiously for A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G in the form of news….I CLEAN!!!!

I have just recently discovered a darling little blog that I intend to visit with much frequency: The Homespun Heart. The hostess of this southern blog’s name is Monica and she has inspired me (probably by her initiation of an actual contest, y’all, for cleaning!! Say no more.) So. I will join in the fun and dutifully clean my home from top to bottom which I have already been working on, only now, I get to enter a contest for every room I clean! Woo-hoo!! And she has us finishing up by March 31st which is the weekend of BOTH of our lovelies birthdays! So, double Woo-Hoo!!

I also intend to loosely follow FlyLady’s Detailed Cleaning lists for each room. But, I have definitely adapted it to fit my needs.

So, here is what I have planned:
March 5: Kitchen
March 6: Master Bedroom
March 7: Master Bedroom
March 9: Piano Room
March 10: Bathroom
March 12: Family Room
March 13: Hallway/Hall Closet
March 14: Emma’s Room & Closet
March 16: Timmy’s Room & Closet
March 17: Dining Room
March 19: Basement Bathroom
March 20: Basement Rec Room
March 21: Basement PlayRoom
March 23: Laundry Room
March 24: Scrapbooking Room

Wish me luck – I will be back often with updates, I am sure!


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning inside & out…

  1. Missy says:

    Stacey, I often have nothing to say! I like your idea of a portion of your house a day. It makes it a real, defined goal. I have First Communion for Abby on 4/28. This method could help me. Thanks! And good luck to you!!

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Hi Stacey! Thanks for joining in the spring clean challenge! I am already motivated by the overwhelming response of others joining in! It’s amazing what we can do with encouragement! 🙂 Have a great day and keep me posted on your cleaning progress!

  3. Leanne says:

    Hi Stacey!!I would love to meet you someday!Your pregnancy pictures are so cute! Right now, I’m just feeling fat and sick…ugghh…I’ve accomplished 7 items off of my spring cleaning challenge!I can’t wait to share with Monica…Have a blessed day!!Leanne

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