I have a new job….

Well, not literally, but this whole adoption thing sure feels like a full-time job these days! (That’s a good thing, though…I am NOT complaining!!)

The thing taking up the most of my time is coordinating our fundraising efforts. Whew! This is a MAJOR thing!!!

Go ahead and check out our fundraising website. We are calling ourselves Team L.I.F.E. , which stands for:


You can join Team L.I.F.E., too, just head on over here!! We’d love to have you on our team!!

Thanks for all your well-wishes and support! When things calm down a little this weekend, I will come back with another “regular” post!!!

2 thoughts on “I have a new job….

  1. April says:

    Hey! I looked at the site a couple of days ago but not in great detail. I am gonna head over to the fundraising website and check things out a little better. We have some friends that are in the end stages of adopting from Russia. Last year they had friends and family donate items for a huge adoption benefit yard sale. It went really well. They had two seperate sales and raised about 3000.00. That is, just an idea for you if you are looking for other ways of raising some funds. Thanks for swinging by! I so appreciate the honesty about the dress!!!

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