Works for Me Wednesday – Car Edition

The thing that works for me in helping to keep my minivan somewhat well-kempt is the use of pretty baskets. I have these two “fabric” bins that are shallow enough to be low profile, which enables people to step over them, yet deep enough and with a big enough perimeter that they actually each hold quite a bit of stuff. Now, I don’t have any containers within containers keeping all the stuff organized, I suppose that would be the next step. But for now, this is my trick:

1. Two baskets. One for inbetween the two front seats for all the driver/navigator needs. Mostly my extra cds, my makeup (yes I am one of THOSE gals that does her mascara in the minivan), my book, for long red-lights or for waiting times in the minivan, and any miscellaneous junk that may belong to me and end up in the van. The other is for the kids. It is inbetween their 2nd row captain chairs. It hold a diaper or two, wipes, wet-ones, various toys and books for the van rides, and other miscellaneous junk.

2. THIS IS THE KEY: Once a week – every saturday (which for me is carwash day), I bring these baskets inside and clean them out. Literally, I take everything out, dustbust the bin, and sort through the junk. What needs to stay and what needs to go. It helps to keep things from piling up, and it enables me to keep the clutter monster at bay. Also, I use that weekly time to swap the books and toys in my kid’s bin so they are delighted on Sunday when we pull out something new for the carride to Mass!

Well, it works for me! Can’t wait to read all your ideas for this topic!!

Go ahead on over to Shannon’s to post your own car tips!

7 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Car Edition

  1. justabeachkat says:

    Hi StaceyThanks for stopping by my blog. I just came to take a peek at yours. I love the photos and the few posts I read. Great job. I’ll be back again soon when I have a little more time.Oh, good ideas about keeping the car clean. The baskets are a greatway to keep things handy and yet keep the car relatively clean.Kat

  2. Kathleen Marie says:

    I also put a diaper and wipes in a plastic baggy and in another plastic baggy some powdered formula for my granddaughter alone with a bottle of water…you just never know.Great tips!

  3. Karen says:

    Stacey–great ideas! Another thing I do with baskets is I keep one by the door to the garage, and on the days I run errands or have deliveries to make or just have several different “things” that need to be with me, then all of that goes into this basket. That way, it’s all together, organized, and I don’t forget anything I need. I love reading other’s ideas for “what works!”

  4. Elise says:

    That is a great idea, Stace! I love that you clean and reorganize every week – wow!Swapping out the kids toys is definitely key – we actually do the same thing! (Just not every week!) 🙂

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