A Bit Out of Place

Holy Saturday has always felt a bit uncomfortable. I could never quite “get” what it was about? There was no clear direction, no major theme. As a child, Good Friday was clear: shrouded in sorrow for our sins and the death of our Lord. Easter Sunday was clear: elated celebration at His miraculous Resurrection!

But….Holy Saturday???

And then, as I got older and LIFE started happening, I began to slowly understand. Holy Saturday is the PERFECT BALANCE in our lives of embracing the sorrow of the cross and anticipating the joy of the resurrection. This is a microcosm of our everyday lives. We do not live a lifetime of Good Fridays, nor is every day Easter Day. We live on Holy Saturday. We live our everyday vocation, our everyday tasks, our everyday trials and tribulations a HOLY LONGING for heaven. In a HOLY REVERANCE of His Sacrifice for us. In a HOLY ANTICIPATION of the Resurrection.

So today as I go about the normal everyday activities of preparing for Easter with shoes to purchase, and clothes to launder, and eggs to dye, I am going to keep vigil. I am going to light a candle to remind me that all of this normalcy should be aimed at keeping vigil for our Lord. And that this very day points to the exact way in which my heart should be kept vigil all year long.

Watch therefore, for you don’t know the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.
Matthew 25:13


One thought on “A Bit Out of Place

  1. Karen says:

    Stacey–that was wonderful–so insightful. You’ve put this so beautifully. Thanks for sharing this with us–it has blessed tremendously!! (((HUGS))) Karen

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