Family Fun!!

Last weekend was a busy one! We started out friday night with our first every Friday Family Night! We played games with the kids – Chutes & Ladders anyone? Yes, we so totally enjoyed just being together as a family. I made popcorn and we all had our favorite drinks, and we just laughed and cheered for one another. While we have done this loosely, we have never made it a specific night or anything. It is nice now for the kids to know that Friday night is Family Night. We can instill this from a young age, and hopefully they will grow to cherish this family time! Since today is Friday, I still have to come up with what we are going to do tonight! I think if I plan by the month, we can be sure to do some free things, some not; some hands on things, and some pure entertainment; some educational things and some completely frivilous things; some things that the kids will adore and we will tolerate, and some things we will all love. I think tonight may be Shakespeare in the Park. We shall see….

Back to my weekend. Well, the next day was my birthday. The big 3-0. It was a delightful day full of all the things I wanted to do: breakfast with my fam, farmer’s market, shopping by myself to spend some of my birthday money, a nap, then going out with my sweet beloved! He even surprised me with a little get-together of some of our closest friends at the winery we went to after dinner! It was a delight!

Then on Sunday, we had Tim’s youngest brother’s high school graduation. He is the last child in the family and also the last of the 4 boys to graduate from this private all boys school. We were all there to watch him walk the stage! And then we took lots of pics! Congratulations Bobby!

After the graduation, we had a family wedding reception to go to. It was truly such a fun time! We danced the night away! And the kids may have had more fun than we did!!

The weekend was jam packed! Tim worked Monday (Memorial Day) so we met him for a picnic lunch. I rue that decision! That park we went to was disgusting and I have had a rash on my legs ever since! I didn’t even sit on the grass- we had a table, but still, a rash! Ugh!!!

I am looking forward to this weekend being much more low-key. What are you up to this weekend??

5 thoughts on “Family Fun!!

  1. Heather says:

    Friday night is our family fun night too! In the winter it was often a movie night, sometimes in and sometimes out, along with a take out or dine out dinner night too. I love that it is summer now–it opens our world. And thank God for baby slings!!I’m looking forward to hearing some of your ideas for events…

  2. jen says:

    friday night sounds awesomepleased you had a great birthdaylove your photo show CONGRATULATIONS to Bobbyhope this weekend is lowkey and nice look forward to hearing what you did on Friday night this seems like a really good idea

  3. crystal says:

    Stacey,coming in a week late here… Bobby is that old???? how many gray hairs do I have? I remember when his mom was pregnant with him. Maybe I should email R and M-B. your shell shocked cousin in lawcrystal

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