End of Day Two

Well, with today being the Lord’s Day and all, we got our little booties to Mass (shooting for early made us arrive exactly on time – yahoo!!) for the 10:30 service and promptly headed home for lunch. Then I headed of to the Home Depot where I got some not-so-stellar advice in the hardware department about my hinges. Talk about the blind leading the blind. (At first when I typed that, I wrote the “blond leading the blond…” and well, you know, I almost left it!! tee, hee)

So then we spent the better part of the afternoon watching the Cards play on our little ole kitchen tv while we painted and drilled and measured and laughed. (there may have been a little bickering but lets just keep that between you and me…shhhhh)

And since I am too tired to write and I plan on sitting down to watch Army Wives with a cold bottle of Budweiser Select, I will leave you with a synopsis of Day Two in pictures.

Farewell my very polite friends. And remember, there is no backache that two Advil and a Bud Select won’t knock out!

7 thoughts on “End of Day Two

  1. Munchkin Land says:

    It looks so amazing, Stacey! Great job! =) Are you available for hire? =) And that Budweiser looks divine. I really wish that we lived closed so we could sit and chat over some buds. =)Love the new profile picture, you look great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stace,Great job! Like I said you are braver than I. I know that pain and suffering a redo like that would cause me 😉 Anything to sell a house though! It looks great!Angie

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