Family Fun Night

Well, around here we try our best to always make Friday nights “Family Fun Night.” And last night was no exception. Ever since we moved to this house I have wanted to build a firepit in our backyard so we could have regular family campfires. There is something magical about sitting around a fire and just being with one another. Some good conversation, some songs, some yummy food, and some silence. Delightful.
I have always had fond memories of camping campfires from when I was a child with my family, and my friends as I got older. And also very fond memories of big ole’ bonfires from summer camp. There is just something magical about these times and I wanted them to be a regular part of our family’s lifestyle, not just when we co camping.
So with the “windfall” of new firewood this autumn, we decided that this was as good a time as any to go ahead and build the pit. We needed to get permits, or so we thought. So we called the city and we spoke with city officials and even the Fire Marshall and we were surprised by their feedback: not only was it perfectly legal to have a firepit in your back yard, but you don’t even need a permit of any kind. The Fire Marshall simply said, “Use your common sense, be safe, and have fun.”
Wow. Just one more example of us putting something off because we think it will be so much more difficult to accomplish!
So, yesterday Tim was off work and we did a whole lot of outside work including but not limited to: painting parts of the house, cleaning off the porch & deck and then power-washing the entire area and even scrubbing the vinyl siding with Oxy Clean to get the green scum off! And then we built our fire pit.

And here are some pics of our amazingly fun Family Fun Night. (This one will be repeated many times in the future!)

My Beloved wrestling up some grub!


The kiddos enjoying some chips & dip – a family fave!

Daddy & the young ones.

The little ones exploring the dark yard.

Gathering sticks for the fire.


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  1. Elise says:

    What fun! I had never really thought about having a firepit in our yard, but I really like this idea! I’m gonna copy you, someday! 😉Love the pictures… as always. And you! I love you. Happy.

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