Could this be you?

If you have ever been told that you grind your teeth at night, or you find yourself having to consciously un-clench your jaw while driving or typing and you have suffered from headaches and/or stiff neck then you may want to check with your dentist to see if maybe you have TMJ. I have TMJ. For years I suffered from headaches and no doctor could explain them to me. Then finally one time when I was at the dentist about 8 years ago, he diagnosed me with TMJ and went ahead and fit me for a night guard. I tell you, wearing that sucker helped my headaches and stiff neck immensely! So if you have a hunch this may be you, don’t wait. Make an appointment with your dentist and he can help you through this!! You don’t have to suffer because TMJ can be treated with the Night Guard

2 thoughts on “Could this be you?

  1. Mrs. Elliott says:

    For years I had a suspicion that my husband was grinding his teeth at night. Then last year he bit into a sandwhich and couldn’t re-open his jaw. It turns out he has sever tmj and after a minor surgery it eventually began to heal. We are thrilled with the night guard and hope it prevents the problem in the future. You have a great suggestion Stacey!

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