I love to garden. While I don’t have a very large plot of land that I am tilling at the moment, I plan to begin my vegetable garden in the spring. There is something about being able to grow the fruits, vegetables, and herbs our family uses on a regular basis that appeals to me in a profoundly deep way. A garden of life – from whose bounty our bodies will be nourished. It resonates with the part of me that loves to bake, can homemade sauces & salsas, sew clothing, and heat our home with wood. It is a lost art I think, vegetable gardening. But in this day of the “organic-fad” what could be more organic than doing it all yourself?!?!?

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comments on my cooking blog. I’ll be glad to share my mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe with you– but the email link on your profile isn’t working. (Or is it just that name at Yahoo? Maybe I’m just not getting it,LOL.) Let me know how to contact you, OK?

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