Since I know you couldn’t sleep a wink last night, I decided my mission today was to give you a good night’s sleep tonight. So here is the update I teased you with:

We are making progress on the kitchen!

The breakfast nook corner is DONE!

Here is the finished product:
The only thing is that I may make myself one of those reversible runners for on here….won’t that be cute? Yeah, it may have to wait.

I have made one of the drapery panels for the french doors out to the patio. I have one more to make and the curtains for the kitchen window to make tonight. In this picture you can get a feel for the drapery panel really well.

About the chairs. Well, at first I was going to get some free chairs and that fell through.

Then I was going to buy some used chairs to paint & recover and they were in need of more than paint & fabric – can you spell dowel and woodglue? Yeah, not so much what I had in mind for this “quick” transformation. We’ve had rickety chairs in the past & it didn’t end well. Let’s just say a family friend ended up on the floor in a goldilocks moment with bits of chair strewn all over the kitchen….in front of 40 of her closest friends during a heated game of Boggle. So you’ll understand why I stood in this poor ladies driveway today and told her I was going to have to pass on these chairs. I owe it to my friends, people, I owe it to my friends.

So I went to the neighboorhood box store hoping to maybe find something and y’all: LOOK AT THESE!!!! Oh my cuteness!!!
And well, let me just say that they are wonderful. They are very low profile since they are “swivel counter stools” and they, um, swivel. Both features are excellent. Low profile is important because our back door is right there on the one side, and the oven & pantry is there on the other. We don’t need all kinds of chairs sticking out at us! We also like the swivel because when you have to get up from the table for the oh, say, 30th time during dinner, it’s the little things like only having to swivel out of your chair rather than pushing it back that make this girl happy.

And best of all? I paid for these with the moula I have earned bloggin’! Yessiree! These puppies are making Mama very, very happy!

Okay, gotta go drench it all in scotchguard!

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  1. Elise says:

    Love Scotchgard! 🙂Wonderful job, Stace – you are so talented! Having the vision is more than half the battle, I believe… that’s where I fail. Where to start? I may have to call you to consult when we buy a house of our own! 🙂

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