A giveaway, a giveaway!!!

Yes, that is right! The gals over at Heart of the Matter have got a wonderful giveaway going on! We cannot win, being contributors and all, but boy I hope YOU win!!!

Here is why I would want to win this basket, if I were you – simple, but true. I want to win it because who doesn’t love new educational gizmo’s?!?!?!?!? Oh, and we only have one of those aprons, and if you knew my kids you would know that having two of everything is essential. Yup, so I guess it is the whole shibang and the apron in particular that caught my eye!

Go on over to the Heart of the Matter site and get yourself into this contest!!


One thought on “A giveaway, a giveaway!!!

  1. The Nester says:

    Hi, I’m new here but immediately love you! And this song…love it so much ..have you ever needed ‘rain’? I have and this song is so heartfelt. See you again soon!

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