A Meme!!

A Day in the Life of A Co-Schooler

Well, each day is a little different in that my kids go to a traditional preschool part-time throughout the week.
Here is my general schedule.

6:00 Wake-Up; Temp; Chart; Pray
6:30 Shower/Get Ready/Prep Breakfast
7:00 BREAKFAST (clean up from b-fast)
7:30 Twins arrive – cartoons/kids dressed
8:00 Daily Devotions – group bible verse; Praise & Worship; Saint of the Week
8:30 M/W/F – YMCA * M & W take T to school
T/TH- HOMESCHOOL M – sheets & bathrooms
9:30 FREE PLAY T – darks & kitchen
(While the kids are playing downstairs, I W – towels & dining/entry
do my deeper cleaning chores & check email) Th – whites & bedrooms
11:00 TIDY PLAY ROOM!! F – family room & basement
11:30 * Lunch prep/ 11:45 LUNCH *M & W get T from school
12:00 lunch clean-up *M-Th Em gets picked up for school at 12:10
(While the kids are resting, I do any of my
projects – email, blogging, sewing, or just REST!!)
2:00 My chores – swipe hot spots (front door, dining table, coffee table, kitchen counters)
2:30 SNACK – cartoons
(During this “free play” time, I prep homeschool for that evening & next day. Then I do all my dinner prep and dishes. Begin To-Do List for next day.)

5:30 Dinner clean-up
6:30 T/TH – YMCA
7:00 Bathtime /HotSpot Swipe!
7:30 Kids in BED M- Women’s Group
8:00 Relax W- Choir Practice

Homeschool Time

Since my kiddos are still very young, our days consist of loads of “unschooling” – learning throughout the day with the activities we do and games we play. In addition to that, I plan on 1 hour every day of “set-aside” school time. I am using Catholic Heritage Curricula and Simply Charlotte Mason combined.

Right now here is how that hour looks:

Gather for Prayer

Number Work – CHC
Letter Work – CHC
Literature – Mama reads one chapter to the children; they each take turns with
narration. (Right now we are reading Charlotte’s Web)
– We pull words from the chapter for our alphabet association activity (A is for Ax, B is for Bus, etc.). The kids get to color a picture of the word, and Emma, who is older, copies the sentence on the paper: A is for ____.
– Vocabulary – each child must memorize one word, it’s definition, and explanation. (Age appropriate) Eg. 4 year old Emma’s word from the 1st chapter of CW is RUNT.

Runt – the smallest of the litter. The runt is the smallest because he didn’t get enough food in his Mommy’s tummy.

3 year old Timmy’s word for chapter one is Ax.

Ax – a tool used for chopping. The sharp end is used to chop wood.

Break for Play

RETURN for CENTERS: I have set up various learning centers in our basement. The kids get to choose where they spend the first 10 minutes, then a beeper goes off and they do one more.

Puzzles & Matching
Computer Skills
Coloring Work Book
Building Blocks(motor skills)
Map Work
Reading Time

Timmy is then dismissed for play time and Emma and I work on her flashcards for reading readiness. And we read a story and she narrates back to me.

Closing prayer.

THAT is our school time.

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7 thoughts on “A Meme!!

  1. The Nester says:

    “Hot Spots?!” Do you Flylady? I started a few years ago and need to get back into it. I always mess up with the shower and get dressed to the shoes. But, my sink is usually shiny. Not right now, though.

  2. Tina says:

    What a wonderful fun filled day. I miss having all those young’in around. My youngest is 6, so we still do a lot of hands on games, etc. But it was different when I had 3 or 4 6 and under. :o)Thanks for sharing your day!~Tina

  3. LisaWA says:

    Love your blog! The pictures are gorgeous! You are a busy woman… and how I miss little ones… my baby is 11 and my oldest graduates this June!I love the detail in your post… I have posting envy…*Ü* Just kidding.. I did enjoy my read though.Lisa~A fellow HOTM peep.

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