***Updated to add:
I wanted to clarify that the oMop, or the swiffer, or whatever, is NEVER a substitute for the traditional “on hands and knees scrubbing” that every kitchen should get according to the need. This “quick mop” is to do light maintenance in between scrubbings. I cannot stand having pawprints, footprints, small splashes, etc all over my floor all week long until my regular scrubbing is scheduled and I am not going to get on my hands and knees and scrub every day. SO, this helps with maintenance and really does help the scrubbing go a lot faster. So, for those of you whose comment seemed to imply that you are still looking for the miracle mop to REPLACE the
traditional “on hands and knees scrubbing,” I am sorry, but this product is not it.

I promise this is not becoming a cleaning product review blog, but I just had to tell you my most recent homecleaning joy! (I think with Tim out of town for 8 days, I am filling my time with a whole lot of cleaning! )

Well in my recent floor cleaning craze I remembered that I needed a new quick mop (you know of the swiffer variety). But I had had it with my old swiffer, it was flimsy and all those refills got pricey after a while. Besides which it didn’t meet the criteria for my gradual transfer of all of our household cleaners to all-natural, toxin-free, environmentally friendly variety. So this time I went with the Method oMop. And I LOVE it!! I highly recommend this oMop to you – if you like clean floors and clean air.
One of the things about the oMop that I like is that it has these microfiber mopping pads that you can just wash in the washing machine – LOVE it!! Rather than just throwing something in the trash, you can reuse it over and over! And for the sweeper, you have the disposable cotton tissue like pads, but I think I am going to make a few of my own washable sweeping pads – microfleece is AWESOME for picking up all the dust bunnies!
The other thing about this oMop is that the mopping solution is 100% all natural and contains no harsh chemicals – so I don’t feel horrible using it around my kids – and they can even help me! And while the instructions say to use at full strength right from their dispenser, I dilute many of my Method cleaning products so I thought I would try that with this as well and see how it did. I got a small spray bottle from the toiletries section at Target for like 99cents and filled it about 1/3 of the way with the solution and then another 2/3 with water.
And it cleans PERFECTLY! Even the grimey pawprints in the kitchen came up without even so much as a scrub!

SO, y’all should really come over for dinner….on my floors! (again, kidding. only kidding)


2 thoughts on “Oh-Mop!

  1. Tracy says:

    I was just washing my floor on my hands and knees the other day and thinking someone should invent a good mop! I’ll have to try this one- thanks!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the tip.I typically get down on my hands and knees to clean my kitchen floor. I have never had much luck with mops. I feel like they just spread the germs around…instead of getting them up.I will have to give this mop a try.

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