Spring Cleaning Challenge Update

Well, I finished my kitchen pantry on 3-5 as scheduled. It was great to get that done!

Let me go ahead and include the before pictures.

Needless to say, our pantry was, um DISorganized!

It was hard to know what we had and what we could use to make meals – which just got expensive after a while because I was buying things I didn’t know I already had in the pantry!

And here is it all completed:
So, the top shelf is breakfast food on the right, extra tall items in the middle (like my oil bottles), and then “adult” snacks on the left. Because when DH and I have in-house date nights we like to nosh on some eclectic snacky type foods like these incredible flatbreads from Trader Joe’s along with some Boursin cheese rather than you know, Goldfish and graham crackers. No offense to the Knee-High Gang or anything.
The next shelf down from the top is kids snack foods. Period. It’s high because I am a mean mommy who likes to regulate just how many ritz crackers my kids eat.
The next shelf is main course dinner-type foods. Pastas, rice, etc.

The following shelf is baking goods which sort of spills over into the last shelf which is miscellaneous cook books, plastic wrap and bread.

The bottom of the pantry used to be chock full of crap and now it is clean and only houses a few things like all my pampered chef stones that I never use. Maybe now that I can access them, I will use them.


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Challenge Update

  1. The Cheerful Homemaker says:

    I couldn’t find an email to email you so I am leaving a comment instead. I read your post/article on heart of the matter and am very interested in your thoughts/ideas on combining homeschooling & traditional. I have often wondered about the social aspect for my children. I would greatly appreciate any ideas you have. Thanks

  2. thehomespunheart says:

    Stacey – great job on your pantry! It looks great!Now, if this were my pantry – I’d walk by and open the door about a zillion times this weekend to gaze at its organization! 🙂

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