Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Well, last year I participated in Monica’s Spring Cleaning Challenge and made some great progress in the rooms I did. For me, I do a moderate cleaning in each room almost every week so a truly Spring cleaning is typically going a little deeper to the spots that don’t get attention regularly.

I have already finished some of my deep cleaning of a few rooms for this Spring so I won’t include them in this Challenge. I have finished my Master Bedroom & Closet, Laundry Room, Kid’s Bedroom & Closet, Play Room, and Kitchen.

Now what I am entering into the challenge.

3-5 Kitchen Pantry
3- 8 Kitchen cupboards (a deep cleaning/reorganizing)
3-10 Dining Room
3-12 China Cabinet (this will take a while – it’s a catch all.)
3-14 Craft Room Sewing Area
3-16 Craft Room Storage
3-18 Desk Area
3-20 Bill Pay Center (A 2nd China Cabinet – now random junk)
3-22 Basement Pantry (A huge storage area in the back 1/2 of my laundry room)
3-24 Underneath the Stairs

My goal is simply that all of this major de-cluttering will help us be that much more ready to list the house for sale in a few months. I plan on spending much of April painting & doing small house projects, so getting the “stuff” out of the way will certainly help with this.

I plan to not just clean for this Spring Clean Challenge, but to truly purge and re-organize according to the way we live and the way we WANT to live. I don’t want anymore extra STUFF!

My secondary goal is that I will be finished all of this BY the 24th of March so I can relax and enjoy it before a) my Mom comes in town; and b) the kids birthdays both come at the end of March/beginning of April.


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