Kitchen Cupboards

Whew. I am finally done my kitchen cupboards. It was a long day yesterday. I didn’t take before and afters of all my cupboards, but let me just tell you what I did.

Working one cupboard at a time, I first took everything out, and then I ruthlessly purged – who needs all those extra casserole dishes when I rarely use one? Extra coffee mugs? Gone. Extra dishes? Gone. Mismatched tupperware? Gone. Seriously, I was ruthless. SO, I got to the point where I had much less to put back in those cabinets, which felt great.

Then I simply reorganized the cupboards putting less frequently used items in a less convenient location. And running through our new dishwasher. And cleaning all those cupboards while I was at it. And the ceiling fan. And the stovetop – which also needed to have it’s drip pans replaced. All that is done.

And I am taking today off.


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