Waiting Game

I feel like I have had a post with this same title before…. doesn’t that say something about my life?

Well, we are in waiting mode for the state adoption classes to get started. We couldn’t do the tuesday night class that our agency was offering, so we have our case worker looking into other classes for us. It has been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard from her. I am not sure what to think. I mean, we want to get the classes started as soon as possible so that our licensing happens sooner rather than later. BUT, we are at the mercy of our case worker on this one.

We also have been working on the “room” that will be our extra bedroom for when children are placed with us. That has been fun. I have been getting ready to paint and I have also been picking out furniture. I think we are going to go with something like this:
And then we will move Emma to that room and have each kiddo have their own room for a while. Then if we get placed with a boy, he will go in Timmy’s room with him and if we get placed with a girl, she will go in with Emma.

We need to replace the blinds in there as well and buy a couple dressers. All fun stuff that will take up most of the summer to get done.

No big deal. Since at this rate we won’t be licensed for at least another 4 months or so. Sigh.


One thought on “Waiting Game

  1. Overwhelmed! says:

    Oh, I love that bed set! Just so you know, it took us SEVEN months to get licensed and we were told that it would take at least 6 months. I’d be very happy for you if you got licensed in 4 months. You really are at the mercy of your case worker, and the licensing agent, and those who review the licenses, and so on and so on. The waiting is not fun!

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