Where has the time gone?

Today is Emma’s last day of Pre-K.

Yesterday we took her over to her new school for uniform fittings. She will be going to our parish school – a private, Catholic grade school. We got her a plaid jumper, navy skort, and TONNES of matching hair bows and ribbons. Oh the joys. I am seriously giddy at the thought that this is the beginning for her of 12 years of amazing friendships and incredible educational opportunities and loads & loads of FUN!!!

But today she says good-bye to her friends from pre-k. Her beloved teacher, Miss Jennifer and her very special friends, Ben, Matt, Adrien, and Jenna. It will be a sad day too. Although she probably doesn’t get it. Thank goodness for small mercies. We are going out to lunch with two of her friends and their moms before school and then I will meet up with her class at the ice cream shop down the street from school to take pics of their last day together. We will exchange phone numbers and email addresses and do as many play dates as we can this summer. It will all be good.

And then soon enough she will be at school with her new friends. The ones she plays baseball with and sees in church. And THAT will be awesome.

God is good. We are relishing in this moments. And don’t even ask me how I am doing with my oldest headed off to kindergarten. I won’t answer you. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Angela says:

    I remember my first day of Catholic school in Kindergarten. I was pretty proud of my plaid jumper, knee socks and Holly Hobby lunch box. I hope she has a wonderful experience!

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