Random Countdown to M&M’s

We are heading out in a few short days to a lovely little campground near a town that sounds a lot like M&Ms. Yup. That’s what the kiddos call it. Cute, huh?

We are excited. It is a vacation that we booked a long time ago, and while Tim’s work doesn’t typically lend itself to him being off during July (let alone the holiday weekend), he made some sacrifices for us and is going to be there the WHOLE time!!!

This is such a rare treat for us. Usually we have a vacation where Daddy is only able to be with us for 1-2 of the days. But this year, he will be with us for all SIX days!!! I am thrilled because not only does this mean that we will have lots of family fun and togetherness, but it also means that I will actually get some reading in!! Hooray!

So my house is in all stages of disarray as we try to pack for camping AND clean the house. It is fun, let me tell you. Today my chore was to have a yard sale and then give away everything that is left over. I am done. Whew. I have to post a few things on freecycle and then take a bunch of stuff to goodwill. Then tonight I think I may go ahead and make up a batch of brownies, cupcakes and cookies for the trip. I am planning on making these cupcakes and then bringing the frosting & sprinkles so the kids can decorate their own on the 4th of July. Fun, huh? Do you know, do cupcakes freeze well?

I have some laundry to do, but not too much as I have been hording all the kids clothes this week so they won’t wear everything I have planned for them to take. Several months ago I bought a cute new swimsuit which is more modest than my “girls weekend” or “husband only” suit. Since we are going with a large group of friends with children of all ages, that was my one mission this spring.

Okay, this mama has got to get back to work.


One thought on “Random Countdown to M&M’s

  1. Terrie in MA says:

    cupcakes freeze very well. I have a little guy with a peanut allergy, so I make batches to bring to birthday parties (he usually can’t eat the cake). I pop them in the freezer and they keep for 3 or 4 months. I always make mine unfrosted and then frost them after they defrost. If you are camping, you can freeze them and put them in your cooler as extra “ice”. We are heading out camping for the Fourth as well. Enjoy!

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