We’re Home!

We made it home safe and sound from our camping trip this past week. We were gone from Wednesday to Sunday and spent most of yesterday recuperating. (ie: Tim cleaned and I napped!)

Someone asked one of our group if we were a family reunion. And her response was, “No, this is better than a family reunion – we all CHOOSE to spend this week together every year!”
Perhaps that gives you some insight into the intangible joy that “Eminence” brings to each of our families.

It was truly a BLAST!

Here are some of the highlights:

Emma & Mommy in the early morning hours on the 2nd day.

The kiddos all fawning over their “pet” turtle

Timmy with a squirt gun.

Emma took this one of Tim and I at the campfire on the last night.

Our little family at Rocky Falls.

Me and the kiddos at Elephant Rocks.

The Chiklettes on their first canoe trip – a 6 mile, 3-hour jaunt. They loved every minute!

We “hosted” a 4th of July potluck at our site – and had a cupcake decorating event for dessert!

Tim jumping off Button Rock. This is the spot where our campsite’s little beach is – so much of our days are spent down at the river watching members of our very large group jump of this rock. (20-30 ft)

Our women’s group float – there were 6 of our 12 member group on this camping trip!


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