A little of this and a little of that…

Well, we have fully recovered from our camping trip I think. Isn’t a little bit sad that it takes you twice as long to plan a trip as the length of the trip itself and then at least as many days to recover? It’s a wonder why we vacation at all!! No, it is worth it to me. Such fun memories! And the great thing about vacationing is that family relationships get strengthened because you go through certain extra-ordinary events together. Like, for example, we went canoeing. The kids were a little scared in a few of the rapids. But Daddy and I have a lot of experience canoeing together and apart so we can navigate those rapids with a lot of confidence. We know where our strengths lie and we communicate really well during those moments. What a relationship builder! If we can carry over our communication skills from canoeing to the rest of our marriage – when the rapids of life hit and we are about to hit a huge overturned tree, we will be able to negotiate and work our way through it with a lot of respect, and trust in one another. See what I mean by strengthened relationship? And our kids got to watch this first-hand! They got to witness Mama & Daddy being on the same team, and working together to keep our family safe. They got to be a part of the adventure. It was exhilarating. And fortifying. And fun.

The past week here at home has been a good one. On friday we went to the Science Center and the Zoo! Lucky ducks that we are! First we met up with my very-pregnant sister-in-law and her 2 year old daughter Charley at the Science Center. We had fun just hanging out for about an hour and just talking while the kids played with all the cool stuff at the SC. The nice thing about the St. Louis Science Center (other than the fact that it is awesome) is that it is free! So you can go for just an hour and not feel like it isn’t worth it. It is not super close to our house (anymore – but we did used to live right behind it!! oh, the days!) but we just combine it with other reasons for being down that way and it’s no big deal to stop in for an hour or so. Then Corie, my SIL, had a doctor’s appointment and so she left and we met up with our new friends from church, Amy and her sons, Caleb and Cole. It is kind of cool because Amy and Scott are some of the nicest people you would ever meet and they are so easy to be with. And our son Timmy and their son Cole are going into the same grade at our parish school, and have been playing on the same baseball team together this spring. And their son Caleb, while a little older than our Emma, is SO darling – and totally just plays with her! So all 4 kids get along great and all the adults do too! We are hoping to have them over sometime soon before school gets started!

Yesterday we went to the Farmer’s Market here in our little town. It was so cute because the kids got to make some jewelry at the free arts & crafts booth (sponsored by the art gallery across the street from the market). Timmy made me a bracelet – “because he loves me.” Sweet huh?
And we made off with quite a haul of yummy foods to enjoy this week! Should be a great eating week in our house! I love the organic meat that this one farm sells here at our market. It all tastes sooooo good and it is so good for you! No antibiotics or hormones in the meat!


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