Unexpected Results

So we have had the idea for quite some time that we were going to tear up the blue carpet in our dining room/living room area. It is filthy and even having been steam-cleaned two or three time in the past month and a half, it is still…..spotted. (gross, sorry about the details!) Well, so we had friends coming for dinner last night (which was WAY fun, by the way guys!) so we wanted to wait until after that event was over.

So this morning, what did I do? I started tearing the carpet up all by myself!!! Now, those of you who know me IRL, or who have been following this blog for quite some time probably get that I am a woman of sheer determination. If I want something to happen, I make it happen – within reason. I mean, I typically don’t just sit around and wait for someone to do something for me, or whatever. So, even though there was some heavy furniture on top of the carpet, I just began one piece at a time and I have now exposed the entire living room/entryway’s hard wood


I was so excited to get this process started, even knowing that the floors would be in bad shape because of our previous experience with the wood floors of this house in other rooms. We have had a plan all along to make them look amazing again! So when I ripped up the carpet, then the stinky pad, it was not a shock to see these gravely discolored floors. I didn’t think for a second about the extra money it will take and time – more importantly to sand them down well, and to stain them. The only thing that was unexpected was my emotion. I love this house and we work hard to take care of it. It made me very sad today to think about how there was a time when the owner of this home didn’t care enough to protect the floors from careless painting, and other spills and stains. It is clear that these floors were not loved and looked after. It saddens me because it is indicative of so much of this house – no one has loved it the way that we do. We are consistently trying to heal it’s very old wounds – and I am telling you, it’s a never-ending battle!

We are doing all this work because we know at some point we would like to put it on the market and be able to move closer to our church, but this process today has made me more hesitant to do that. I love this old house and want to protect it. Who’s to say that the people we sell it to won’t mistreat and neglect it all over again?

Sigh. I expected the stains and damaged floors. I didn’t expect the tears.


5 thoughts on “Unexpected Results

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Stacey, we did the same thing in our old house and we got top dollar for it when we sold.Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  2. Wendy says:

    Great job! I am the same way – I don’t sit around and wait to for things to happen. I bet these will look great w/a little TLC.

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