The Accident Part One: The Choice

My beloved was in a car accident last week.

It was a scary, scary day.

He called me early in the morning after dropping the kids off at school (it was supposed to be my first day at the new job).

He had slid on ice about 250 yards into another vehicle and he was hurt. The ambulance was on the way.

My heart was pounding.

Then he shouted something inaudible – something about firetrucks and ambulances sliding towards him and him needing to get out of the way. I could hear complete chaos in the background and then the line went dead and he was gone.

That is the moment that panic set in. Fear of a kind that words simply do not justify started in my bones and crept into my heart. I had a choice to make: allow the fear and panic to eat me alive or give it all to Him, the one who knew my heart, knew my fears. The One who went before me to those dark places in my mind and redeemed them with His blood. The One who conquered the night and brought into being the Light of the World. I would like to tell you it was an easy choice…but I cannot.

So I got on my knees, cell phone in hand and prayed.


3 thoughts on “The Accident Part One: The Choice

  1. Linda B says:

    My heart sunk reading your story of your dialogue with Tim. I pray that I never have the same experience. Thanks for your witness of strength and trust

  2. Elise says:

    Oh, Stace- I’m praying that everything is all right. You keep clinging and praying… I’m doing the same here, and waiting for Part II. (((you)))

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