May old aquaintance be forgot….

Happy New Year!
I cannot believe it is 2009 already! Seems like 2008 just flew on by, for better and worse.
Here is our family holiday newsletter that I wanted to share with all of you my bloggy friends!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the ******** family!! We hope you had a healthy, happy and holy 2008 and we pray that 2009 brings you an abundance of God’s blessings. We are well. God has been good to our family in 2008
Emma Rose is 5 and a half (isn’t it funny how that half is so very important to little ones!). In 2008 she danced with LA Dance company, swam, played softball and soccer, joined Girl Scouts and learned to READ! She has been a busy girl! She also started kindergarten at Holy Spirit (our parish) in August and has been kept very busy with all the homework she has been doing. She is a delight around the house – always singing and dancing, and offering hugs and kisses. She is a sensitive little sprite who feels everything very deeply. She has grown closer in her relationship with Jesus this year, and still claims St. Therese as her best friend. What a gift! In 2009, Emma looks forward to completing her RRR marathon, going to soccer camp, graduating from kindergarten, possibly losing her first tooth, seeing Disney on Ice, and going to Canada to visit Nana.

Timmy Joseph is 4 and a half and is the little clown of the family! Little is not the operative word however since he is getting to be taller than his older sister! In 2008, Timmy completed preschool and moved on to pre-K at Holy Spirit. He also swam, played baseball and soccer, climbed a tree on his own, and learned to tie knots, and developed both a high sensitivity to sugar and a keen sense of smell. (Weird fact to include, but it has become an everyday thing we deal with around here – ensuring he eats enough protein, and helping him to deal with an over-sensitive olfactory nerve!) Timmy is the funny guy around here, constantly keeping us laughing…and we are so grateful! He is a sweet and caring young boy who loves Jesus and Mary very much. In 2009, Timmy is looking forward to starting kindergarten, learning to ride a big-boy bike, learning to read, visiting Nana, and going to soccer camp.

Tim’s job with Drury has kept him very busy in 2008. He has travelled to conferences, spoke at a Board of Directors meeting for the YMCA Trout Lodge, joined the Fairview Heights Chamber of Commerce, and travelled to help the company out in Kentucky. He has also done a great job of working more balanced hours so that his family could see him a little more this past year. 2008 also saw us saying a final goodbye to Tim’s Grandpa Jim who died on January 1st, 2008; Tim’s 31st birthday; and his role as Best Man in his brother Dan’s wedding. Tim’s highlight of the year (i think) was probably coaching Timmy in baseball and Emma in soccer. He has been waiting to coach his own children since the day they were born! His other highlight may have been all the race announcing he got to do for collegiate level track and cross-country. This is definitely one of his passions, and he is great at it! (I can brag on him because he is not going to proof this before it gets sent out.) Tim also was blessed enough to serve on 2 ACTS teams in 2008. A blessing for him and our family as he drew nearer to the Lord with each teaming experience. God has a wonderful way of calling us to Himself, doesn’t He? I am so proud of Tim and all he has done in our community and our family. In 2009, Tim is looking forward to running the Drury sponsored Go! St. Louis Marathon and having continued professional success as well as coaching the kids’ sports once again.

Stacey has had a year of change. In the first several months of 2008, she was still staying at home with the children as they went off to preschool and pre-k part time. And she was still babysitting the 3 year old twins, Emily & Natalie, whom she’d been with since they were born. So life was crazy and busy around the ******** household with 4 kids 5 and under around all the time. Then as Spring approached, Stacey retired from babysitting other people’s children and focused all her energies on spending a full summer with her kiddos before they went to school full-time. The summer of 2008 brought the 1st anniversary of her father’s passing. He died June 6th, 2007. That was a hard week. As summer winded down and school began, Stacey began to feel purposeless – with no littles at home to care for. So she got a job at Vantage Credit Union as a teller, and is really enjoying it. The extra money is nice and really helps out, and the job itself is the perfect mix of challenging and enjoyable. Stacey served as Music Director on an ACTS team, coordinated and led the music for our parishes Vacation Bible School, and led the music for Exalt at our parish in October. She is blessed by the journey and completely grateful for the sisters God has blessed her with along the way. Stacey became a godmother 3 times in 2008 to Charlie Basta, Joseph Mason, and CJ Luczak and is blessed by each one of the families who has chosen her to be a spiritual mother to their sons! (yes, all boys!) In 2009, Stacey is looking forward to running in the St. Louis HALF Marathon, hopefully finishing our hardwood floors, perhaps teaming again with ACTS, and enjoying being a mom to the two best chiklettes in the whole world!

May your New Year be abundantly blessed with His grace!
Love in Jesus, and St. Therese, Tim and Stacey and the kids.


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  1. Elise says:

    A merry Christmas, happy new year, and <>peace<> to you, my friend. He is tinkering with your heart always, molding, breaking, restarting… it hurts, but He is so careful to wait until you’ve caught your breath before He begins again. <>Lean against Him and catch your breath…<>Love you, so much. (((Stace)))

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