a boy, a box, and a schoolroom tour

So lately we have been enforcing a “get-up” time with the kids, mostly because Timmy would get up at all kinds of crazy hours and insist that it was breakfast time.

the boy: “but I am awake and staaaaarving!!!”

the mama, in a lessthancharitable sleepy stupor: “no, son, it’s 4:30 – that is not a civilized time to be out of bed, let alone eating cheerios.”

yeah. that conversation happened more than once in our household.

anyways, no he can’t come out of his room until 7am. we put a digital clock in there and have taught him how to read it. he has to play quietly in his room until 7 at which point, hopefully, I have been up for an hour and have had my prayer time and my coffee so that I can face the day with joy and strength!

this morning, he was very diligent in his obedience to the relatively new rule… we’ve only been at this new routine about a week, and things were thrown off by staying in a hotel this weekend.

when 7am rolled around, I was still in bed. šŸ˜¦ but I got up and went downstairs with the little guy who was already pulling cereal boxes from the pantry. (he likes them mixed, bless his heart, with some healthy cereal and a little of the sugary one on top – i LOVE that kid!!!)

so I am about to pour the milk and this is what I hear:

the boy: “no, mama, I want to wait and eat with Em-Em”

the incredulous mama: “really? i thought you were staaaaarving – sister may be sleeping for a good while yet.”

the boy: “yeah, but thats ok – I don’t want sissy to eat alone.”

the mama: “alrighty then, cartoons for you, my golden child!!!!” (okay, not really. but I did smooch him and let him watch some of this before sissy got up.

we have lived in this house almost a month now.

and I have many boxes yet to unpack. about 80% of which are books. they are going to go in our front living room, the gorgeous room with 2-story high ceilings and amazing windows of the same height. I have great decorating plans for this room. just waiting on some cash-ola. šŸ™‚ so currently, it is a junk room with no furniture and just a bunch of boxes. reeeeeally classy.

anyways, those boxes are all fine and good. I have an excuse for those.

but there is this one box, in my bedroom that has become my nemesis. I have a huge walk-in closet and therefore a place to put all the stuff that is in that box, but it’s like I am paralyzed when I look at it and can’t bring myself to unpack it. I am sure it has some cool stuff in it, too. I am pretty sure my extensive purse collection rests in the bottom of that box. shouldn’t that be motivation enough????

what’s my deal?


okay, here is a tour of our schoolroom. we start tomorrow, so this is the last.time.ever it will look this good. šŸ™‚

my little desk drawers…. love this!
a view of my desk

a corner for reading and listening to books on cd

wall of bookcases – LOVE how organized this lets me be!

yes, that is 2nd story deck right off the school room. the natural light, the view of the mountains…. glorious! right now the door stays closed due to the heat, but from what we have been told, we will be keeping it open for the next 9 month and enjoying the 70 degree weather and fresh air every day, all winter long!
framed children’s artwork

the tools with which they make said art. this spinning caddy is from making memories, a scrapbooking company. it works PERFECTLY for the kids school table. They have glue, rulers, and about 4 boxes each of pencil crayons, markers, and crayons in the compartments so there are like 17 reds – hopefully no squabbling over crayons!

Nazareth Academy – the long explanation is one I will save for another day. Basically it is just the idea that Christ himself spent his formative years at Nazareth with his family, learning, growing in wisdom and grace. That is our hope and our prayer for these years with our children.
the white board wall

the prayer corner – a sacred space that reminds us who we are and what we are about.

the schoolroom- the place where I can be found teaching my littles and loving every minute!



6 thoughts on “a boy, a box, and a schoolroom tour

  1. Sarah says:

    I am *beaming* Stacey! Why? Because I am a geeky homeschooling mom who loves organization and a beautifully functional space.
    That said, love yours!!
    Thanks for posting photos (I'm working on mine just yet). It looks like it will be a wonderful learning space for you to teach your littles. Love the deck and light that will come in from the deck door. How sweet!
    Cute school name too! Wish I was as creative. As for us, we're still working on an 'exact' name as of yet..hmm…
    God bless you in your new school year!

  2. Elise says:

    I love it! Oh, how blessed you are with the natural light and deck!!! I have a basement schoolroom, with one tiny window high on the wall, but we make it work.

    I love the caddy, the prayer corner… so many good ideas! šŸ™‚


  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE your classroom! So beautiful and bright! Thanks for reminding me of your blog–I had lost it somehow when we switched computers. It was awesome to talk to you today. You are doing GREAT! Love to all,
    Jenny V
    PS-See you soon! =)

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