"Labor" Day Weekend

In the past we have made it our tradition to do a large project of some sort on labor day weekend. Paint a kitchen, re-do a bathroom, etc.
This year, in a 3 year-old house with little to nothing wrong with it, there were no major projects of that fashion to accomplish.
And with the forecast calling for the next two months to be in the 100s still, we decided to do this:

It felt great to get it up and done friday and then filled on saturday. We rushed home after church on Sunday morning to jump in the pool and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

On an side note: I love that my husband worked for a pool company for years in highschool, and that his brother still does work for that company. And that he runs a hotel with a pool – so I mean, really, he knows what he is doing when it comes to pool maintenance and chemicals, etc. I feel blessed to have such an amazing “pool boy”! 😉