New Digs

We’ve had such an enjoyable weekend. The kids got to do some pretty cool things yesterday.

It was Emma’s first dance class at the Community Center and I was impressed by the quality of instruction, so that’s a good sign. And Timmy got to go rock-climbing with Daddy. He had an amazing time and was really pretty good at it for his first time! He has always loved to climb those little rock walls at playgrounds, but he has never had a chance to climb anything significant.
It did this mama’s heart good to hear her 5 year old using the climbing commands!

Well, after an afternoon of activities, we came home and Tim swam with the kids. Meanwhile,Ā  I got to spend the afternoon working on my blog! It has been fun to dive back into blogging and “tweaking” my long-neglected little home on the web. However, it had been quite some time since my last foray into the world of HTML…. so I have forgotten most of what I knew!

I also wasted quite a bit of time playing with my photos on THIS website. Do you know this site? Wow, I LOVE it!!! It is interfaced with my flickr photos so I can store things on flickr and edit them in picnik! This could be trouble for a photo-editing addict like myself! šŸ™‚

What about you, what have you been up to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Sarah says:

    OH. STACEY!! LOVE it!! I'm smiling as your blog came the look. (and wishing you lived closer so you could show me how to do all this cool sruff!!) I also picnik, but haven't for awhile. I love to diddle with my photos when I have time, but I rarely sit down to do it. I just love all the neat stuff on your sidebar and your header did you do that? Picnik? Please share, I'm always curious to find out others' blog tricks šŸ™‚
    Stay Smilin' my dear! Take care.

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