I don’t get to do much of it lately, but I do LOVE it!!!

I have been wanting to make these chore charts for quite some time now, and have been letting the idea itself marinate for a couple weeks before I was ready to actually dig my hands in.

The curriculum we are using had these chore pictures that I had the kids color the first week of school and we have loosely interpreted the pictures to coincide with what we actually do around here.

The charts are a simple, yet elegant way to organize what needs to be done, and to allow the kids some sense of control and accomplishment.

Simple, yes?
The chore images are laminated with a velcro backing so they can be moved from the “to do” section to the “done” section by the children. 
All the extra chores are stored here, on the back in a little paper pocket.
just a close-up

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