Christ has no hands….

My small successes for this week are not small in my mind…. but in the grand scheme of things, yes, they are small. But isn’t that just the point? Many of the tasks we do every day are seemingly insignificant, but they do have an impact in a big way on the people that surround us, and furthermore they have an eternal weight of glory since they are the fulfillment of our vocation here on earth.
The steps I take each day, each week, to clean our home, organize our stuff, feed my family, and educate our children, are steps I take towards the Fulfillment of All Desire. It is MY path to heaven. My home is my Nazareth, and every simple, humble action I do in this home can be one of grace, surrender, and holiness.

So I celebrate these small successes with Faith & Family Live, not because I think I did something out of the ordinary, but because I celebrate that I was a good steward of my time and resources, and that I responded to the call of God in my life, to live out my vocation to the fullest.

1. Our schooling really has fallen into step… which is delightful. You do what works for your family and for our family, it works to have school in the afternoon – in the hottest part of the day, when it is still well over 100 degrees and we cannot go outside to play. This way the kids have all morning to wake up slowly with some tv while they eat a good breakfast I have prepared; then they have playtime inside; then we swim. Lunch is next, followed by school. They have played all morning so they don’t have the same fidgeties that can come if they had a bunch of pent up energy. Anyways, that is what is working for us in our family right now, and I am glad to have been in-tune enough, and flexible enough, to make the appropriate changes for their success.
2. I got bangs. Long story short: rather than being drastic and chopping my hair off, which would be counter-productive since I am growing it back out long again, I decided that bangs were the answer. That’s where the success lies: resisting the temptation to just chop! Just enough change to fill that need in me, and yet the length remains the same. Still getting used to them, though.

3. I thoroughly cleaned and organized Emma’s room yesterday. I hung the shelves that have been waiting to be hung since we moved in, and displayed all her “treasures” on them: souveniers from trips, breakables, trophies & medals from sports, etc. I will be purchasing a few decorating items for her room in the next couple weeks, so getting this done was  the first step in know what I needed to buy & what direction I wanted to go with her room. And she loves it, so that’s great! Now if only she would keep it clean…..

4. I paid the bills. Exciting I know. But really, this is not a strong suit of mine, and with me staying home now, Tim has asked me to take care of these things for our family. So I needed a system… and I am still working on that. But two months in a row, I have paid all our bills on time! I am excited about that victory and I am constantly praying for the grace to grow in this area as this is stewardship at it’s best. Have you ever cried when you were paying your bills, or walking out of the grocery store with a cart-full of groceries? I have. I have cried tears of sadness because I didn’t know how we would make it to the next pay day. But that was a long time ago, very early on in our marriage. (A little off topic, but Tim’s social security update came the other day, you know the pamphlet that shows what you have made every year since you started earning an income and paying Social Security?? Yeah, just SO not sure how we even survived those early years when he was literally making PEANUTS!!!) Anyways, I have also in the past year or two cried tears of gratitude when paying my bills, or grocery shopping. Overcome with humble gratitude that we have the money to pay our bills, to buy the food we want to buy to nourish our family, to even buy a few extras now and again, and to not worry how we will make it from one paycheck to the next. Just. So. Grateful.

What about you? Where have you been successful this week?

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3 thoughts on “Christ has no hands….

  1. Sarah says:

    Woo-hoo! No small successes, that's for sure. Great job mama!

    Glad you are in a better place financially and abundantly blessed these days, so that you can cry tears of joy and gratitude rather than those of fear and pain.

    LOVE your bangs. But then, I've always thought you had amazing hair and were gorgeous. So, bangs or no bangs, you've been gifted with great hair! 🙂

  2. Corinne says:

    My husband is currently making peanuts, so I'm always happy to hear of people on the other side of what we're going through 🙂 I know it can happen, and we're going through tough times for a reason. That's what gets me through!

    Love the bangs 🙂

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