Breakfast Sandwiches & Burritos

My kids love breakfast. I mean, I wake up some mornings to an island full of assorted breakfast ingredients lined up by the “breakfast sprite” aka. my little 5 year old boy who knows he is to be in bed still, but thinks if he puts out a coffee cup & mommy’s creamer, maybe I won’t scold him for being up.
While many mornings I do enjoy making a nice hot breakfast for everyone to enjoy, there are some mornings when that is just not feasible. So rather than have those mornings default to cold cereal, which I detest feeding them with any frequency, I try to have homemade breakfast items on hand, in the freezer. They take a little planning when you shop, and some time to assemble, but once you spend one morning a month doing this and stocking your freezer with breakfast goodness, you will be sold on this idea!

Breakfast Sandwiches (makes 1 dozen)

1 package english muffins
scrambled eggs
6 slices deli ham cut into fourths
6 slices cheddar cheese cut into fourths
cream cheese – either plain or a savory flavor. I use sundried tomato.

1. Scramble your eggs.
2. While the eggs are cooking, begin lightly toasting the muffins.
3. As the muffins come out of the toaster, stack the tops and set them aside, line up the bottoms and begin spreading a thin layer of the sun-dried tomato cream cheese on each.
4. Turn the oven on to broil.
5. Build your sandwiches assembly line style: Eggs on each, 2 pieces ham on each, 2 slices cheese on each.
6. Put them all on a cookie sheet (I do this step in batches of 6)
7. Broil for about 2 minutes until cheese is melted.
8. Immediately smush the tops of the muffins onto the melted cheese.
9. Set the muffins on a plate and put that in the freezer for about 2 hours.
10. Once all muffins are frozen, put 1 dozen into a gallon size ziploc bag & keep in freezer.

To reheat: simply wrap sandwich in microwave & heat for anywhere between 30-45 seconds, longer if necessary.
I like to make this recipe doubled or tripled so that I only have to do it once a month with no concern of running out.

Breakfast Burritos (makes 10 burritos or 20 if you cut them in half)

10 flour tortillas
1 dozen eggs, scrambled.
cream cheese, plain or savory
Jimmy Dean’s maple sausage: crumbled, browned, & drained.

1. Cook sausage – reserve in fridge until ready to assemble.
2. Scramble eggs
3. Build tortillas: spread cream cheese, add sausage & eggs, roll burrito style.
4. Freeze on a plate, then put all of the burritos into a gallon-size ziploc bag.
5. Reheat for about 1:30 in the microwave.

Again, I double or triple the burrito recipe in order to stock up. My husband loves to take these in his lunch as well, so I like to have plenty on hand.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Sandwiches & Burritos

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh yummy! Thanks for posting this. They look so delicious and sound easy. And to have them ready and in the freezer…oh tell me why I haven't thought of that??!! Glad you did ARE the woman!! Cannot wait to give them a try!! My kids will be thanking you. Then we'll have “Stacey's breakfast sandwiches” to add to our recipe box along with your cookie recipe! *wink*

  2. Sarah says:

    I was just thinking today that I needed some new breakfast ideas … I will have to try these! I somehow lost you for awhile … I'm glad I found you again! God bless!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey sister,
    I decided to check out your blog after missing your call today =(. I haven't checked it out in awhile and it's amazing! Quick question for you: do you have any ideas for quick, healthy, breakfast ideas (like these on this post) that do not contain eggs? I guess I could just make half a batch without eggs (for Bernadette and her allergies), but I'd also like to find something that we can all have to. Can't wait to see you soon. Have a safe trip!
    Love, J-Vla

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