Walking slowly through the day

We are here. We are enjoying our last stretch of school before Winter Break. I call it Winter Break not to be politically correct or anything even remotely close, but because we are going to be off school for much more than just Christmas. We are taking a total of about 6 weeks off starting December 19th. We will be doing school all throughout the summer months because of how hot it gets here – it just makes sense to be inside doing school in 120 degree weather.

So, we are working hard over the next week to get loads of work done before we break for “the Winter”.

Oh but today, today was not a case of the working extra hard.

Well, it started out that way. And then shortly after a math class with Daddy over his lunch hour, and a fantastic phone call with a blogging friend that I will soon get to call a “Real Life” friend, it became a case of walking slowly, clutching one’s midsection, and praying one didn’t throw up.

And at first I thought it was the red, red wine I drank last night – even though it was in extreme moderation.

And then I hoped for the impossible….

And then my little guy threw up. Followed in suit by big sister.

Sigh. Just a bug. A yucky bug that has come into our home and will leave soon after it’s wreaked it’s havoc. Thank God my Christmas shopping is done and I have it all wrapped. We can trudge through to the weekend – only one more day of school.

But mom comes next week and there is much to do to prepare, so if you think of it, say a prayer for us, would you?


3 thoughts on “Walking slowly through the day

  1. Sarah says:

    Hope you all get better very SOON. That is no fun and not at this time of year with all that is to be done and your preparing for company. May you return to health quickly! Thinking of your family.

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