One more week!

We have only one more week of school left in 2009.
And then we will be off for SIX WEEKS!!! I am so thrilled! We are going to have a great time!
For the first four weeks my mom will be with us from Canada, a long overdue visit from Nana! And our first Christmas with her since we were married, so I am thrilled! The kids are beyond excited as well, so it should be a great time.
She arrives Wednesday, and then after a few days of catching up and staying up too late, and all that fun, we will all head north to Flagstaff on the 20th. We are (fingers crossed) hoping that friends of ours from California will be joining us for this family vacation. It would be so nice. The goal is to let the kids play in the snow on the first day of Winter!
Then home again on the 23rd so that we are settled in for Christmas. I am sure there will be some last minute provisions needed to be purchased on that evening. (There always are.)
Christmas Eve morning will be spent opening gifts with our St. Louis family via Skype. The UPS man is kindly delivering our package to them and theirs to us. We will put the computer in a relatively easy and safe location and then we will try to do this long-distance Christmas morning thing as best we can.
Christmas Eve evening will bring Christmas Mass and some traditions like watching The Polar Express & reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. We also will get to open ONE special gift from Santa when we get home from Mass. Our Christmas pjs!! We can put them on, get our annual photo, and then hunker down for that long winter’s nap.
This year wil bring a change since I won’t have to wrap anything on Christmas Eve as I always have in years past. I am DONE! Done, done, done! I am so thrilled to go into the next week and a half knowing that I am done shopping and completely done wrapping, etc.! When mom gets here we will shop a little for her, and like I said provisions to be gathered on the 23rd. But blessed be the Lord, it’s been such a beautiful Advent without the stress of a mounting to-do list!
Christmas morning will be our traditional light snack of oranges and cinnamon rolls before we dive in  to the fun! We all just take turns and unwrap one at a time, ending with Santa’s gift to the family. Which sometimes is a big ticket item, and some years is more simple. This year it is a Wii & Wii Fit Plus. Isn’t Santa the best?
After all the gifts are opened and the trash is away, we will have a lovely Christmas Brunch with my Breakfast Casserole, fresh fruit, yogurt, and mimosas. Then it is a relaxing day of playing with our new toys, reading our new books, going for a walk, and making a big Christmas dinner with my mom. Turkey anyone? Then after dinner, we will go for a drive to see the lights.

The next several weeks after that will be just a time of relaxing and being on vacation together. I am sure there will be loads of wii-playing, and lego-building, and chapter-book reading. I also will need to do some school planning in there, so I will likely take a couple days where I just go for the day and let my mom have her time with the kids and I plan, plan, plan. We are changing some things for school after break, so I want to be well-prepared. More on that later.

Then mid-January, mom leaves, and we hop in the van and head to St. Louis for a 2 week vacation which includes a scrapbooking weekend for me! Blessed, I tell you, we are so blessed.

Once we get home from St. Louis, we will dive into school for the 2nd trimester. So there you have it! our plan for the next 6 weeks or so.


2 thoughts on “One more week!

  1. Sarah says:

    How wonderful!! Your plans sound like so much fun. What beautiful days for your family. I love all of your little traditions you have in your family. Sweet memories you are making.
    Enjoy your visit with your mom!!

    ps..Santa is also being extra-thoughtful this year for our family–Wii will arrive under our tree as well! Heck, I can't even wait to use it!! It will be a nice alternative during the cold winter months.

  2. Mary B says:

    Congrats, Stacey!! When we made our big move I found that Christmas time was less stressful for me. I guess that is one of the blessing of a big change. Enjoy you St. Louis time…I miss that place too, but grateful for this new stage/place of my life!
    Enjoy the time with your Mom, the time off and the time with family/friends!!

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