Oh for the LOVE….

I don’t know what to make of this.

I know we can’t compare our days to anyone else’s. When reading Stacy’s School During Breakfast posts, I just was so inspired and moved by the image that brough to my mind – yes, chaos and all! So I adjusted our day to kind of look like that.

First day was yesterday. And while it was a success in that I pulled it off and it was a peaceful morning, it was an utter failure as well. How you ask? Well, we were DONE school by about 10:30!!!! Ack!!! That does not work for me!!! The whole idea is that school is supposed to take up a decent chunk of the kids morning so that they are not left hapless and climbing the walls. We just got off of break, and quite frankly, I was so looking forward to a little more structure, I wasn’t too thrilled when by snack time, we were done school and the kids were antsy and squirrelly!!! It was like we were still on break!

Sigh. What to do. What to do. Of course, my natural thought is to scrap the whole getting up at the butt-crack of dawn idea.

So today, slept until God woke us up. That was nice. My son, Timmy, was the first one up. Emma and Daddy slept until 9 (since they were out late on a date last night). Timmy set the table and made breakfast – no joke! And I got up and took a shower. We ate as a family around 9:30 and did our Art Study there at the Breakfast table. Then we went and did our read-aloud on the couch. Then around 10 we went to the table to do our science and independent work. Emma brought her independent work with me to the library so I could get some work done on the computer and the boys could wrestle and play the wii (their date).

All in all, we are in a much better place today, since everyone is occupied for more of the day. I guess I have to continue to try to implement the parts of Stacy’s routine that I fell in love with while striking a balance of what works for us.

This afternoon when we get home, I will likely have the kids paint their rendition of the Homer Painting, and I will start dinner, then hop on the treadmill for a while. All in all, I will have accomplished everything I set out to yesterday, but with more sleep, and a more structured day. Works for me.


2 thoughts on “Oh for the LOVE….

  1. Sarah says:

    And that is why we homeschool!! 🙂 I have to remind myself that often, because my plan/schedule just doesn't always jive out to the same thing my childrens does. No matter how lovely and functional; perfect and prophetic it looks, sometimes it just needs adjusting.

    Go with what works for you and what gets you (and them) through the day gracefully and peacefully.

    And yes, I should heed my own words. That's not always easy to do. Thanks for another reminder that adjustments are okay and that every day doesn't look as perfect in the follow thru as it might on the schedule. 🙂

    Keep us updated how things keep going!

    PS….cute new blog look!!

  2. Mary B says:

    Love the new background!! You are so creative. As for adjusting your day…I find that oftentimes, when I see something I like I have to tweak it to make it mine. So…tweak away, make it yours and knowing you…it will be great!

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