Watched the jim carrey movie, Yes Man on tuesday night. It reminded me of my commitment to saying yes more this year.

Yesterday was a day of yes.
Yes, we will go on a playdate and stay all day.
Yes, we will make new friends and dive into life here in this place.
Yes, we will dance in the rain.
Yes, we will stop at the library to do a little school while mama checks the neglected email since her wireless is acting up.
Yes, we will go to Trader Joes.
Yes, we will get kids carts.
Yes, you can carry the paper bag to the van.
Yes, we will have your favorite tacos for dinner.
Yes, we will watch that new movie from the library.
Yes, we will have one more snuggle before bed.

Yes, I love you to the moon.

Yes, yes, yes. It felt so good to say yes to life today.


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  1. Sarah says:

    YES! That's excellent and sounds like a most glorious day. I've thought often on your Yes or Instead post, but need to put it into action a bit more.

    What a perfect day that must have been for you and the kids!

    PS…what program did you do your blog header in? I love it!

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