grace acts on nature

My, my, my.

Long days lead to a weary mama which leads to a messy house which leads to a cranky mama.

Praying for the grace to get through tomorrow with more smiles and a more tender heart.

For today, I am content to end the endless schooling and curl up with books and tea. But we press on.

In the perserverance we find Him. Him who loved us when it was tough.

And believe you me, it was tough.

Thank goodness it is Lent and the toughness is supposed to be there.

Pearls of wisdom heard in the pew just over a sun cycle ago:

In order to be holy we must suffer and sacrifice. We are given the option in our suffering to choose virtue or vice. Vice is easy at first but gets more painful and difficult as we go along. Virtue is hard at first and gets easier as we go along because grace acts on nature.

Oh what a Measure of Grace I am needing today…..


3 thoughts on “grace acts on nature

  1. Sarah says:

    Praying for you too, for the grace for tomorrow. I'm with you though, long days lead to a very weary, ornory mama here too. (And I still wonder why I have gray hair? Seriously?)
    Persevere and press on, dear Stacey. Blessings in your time of transition and growth in virtue. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Mary B says:

    I used to tell people in my WW classes that lifestyle changes are hard…if they were easy, they would not be called change. The same is true here.
    My prayers are with you as you embark on the new “educational journey.” A double portion of His grace is sure to be poured upon you…not because of my prayers…but because of your willingness.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by the other day =)

    Yes, we are moving to that neighborhood with all those other families. We hopefully will break ground next month and move by the end of August!

    So, whenever you come to visit, you can see all of us at once ~ lol!

    Have a grace-filled day!

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